At which point does one become aware of one's own true identity? Does it happen
in early childhood? Or may be after finishing school? Could one expect it when one
reaches the age of so-called adulthood? No one has an exact answer to this
question. How agonisingly long the process of self-discovery can be! How difficult
it can be to reach the point when you realize you are in the right place, to finally
find out what is important for you and start believing in yourself.
Until recently, I found it extremely difficult to find things or ideas that would give
me the confidence to assert myself as an artist. The long process of searches led me
to different galleries and art schools, closing me down on myself and pushing me out to discover other continents.
The love I have for my work did not come to me overnight. My creativity and I looked at each other for a long time before our mutual affection became too difficult to hide.
My work is an eclectic mix of heterogeneous cultures, a synthesis of ancient and
new worlds, dreams of faraway lands and personal travel experiences. My art is
fuelled by the energy that is derived from folk traditions, languages and history. I
consider these spheres a huge field for creative experimentation.
My creative path is in being completely alone in this world. It is the path of
research, constant learning and full emotional involvement in the chosen subject.
Painting is both my therapy and my passion. Things that inspire me - beautiful
houses brimming with colours, delicious cakes, the contintent of Africa, exotic
outfits – are a celebration of life and its variety. These are the things that fulfil me.
They make me free, they help me to grow wings. I long to share my visions formed
by all these impressions with my prospective audience.
My art practice is in Moscow and currently I am working in collaboration with art curator Anna Nesterenko, based in London.